30 Jan

1V0-601 Online Test-VMware Certified Associate 6–Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals Exam

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1. Virtual Volumes virtualize-Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage devices into logical pools of capacity. What are these pools of capacity known as?


2. Which statement best defines virtualization?


3. What are two advantages of using vSphere Data Protection In a data center? (Choose two.)


4. Which datastore type can be extended to span several physical storage extents, including storage Area Network LUNs and local storage devices, in order to create a datastore that fits the needs of your virtual machines?


5. What are two features of vSphere with Operations Management? (Choose two.)


6. Which feature of vSphere 6.x enables organizations to move virtual machines across data centers?


7. VMware vSphere 6.x provides which three capabilities? (Choose three.)


8. Where does Fault Tolerance store the primary and secondary virtual machine files?


9. Which statement best defines the virtual machine hot-add feature?


10. What is the network virtualization platform used by a vSphere 6.x Software-Defined Data Center?


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