15 Apr

1V0-603 Online Test-VMware Certified Associate 6–Cloud Management and Automation Fundamentals Exam

We provide 10 questions for VMware 1V0-603 online test. Answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. A consultant is explaining the benefits of using VMware NSX versus other productsthat utilize a physical networking infrastructure.Which two are benefits of implementing VMware NSX over other virtual networksolutions? (Choose two.)


2. A company operates a hybrid cloud environment and wants to ensure all virtual machine andvApp templates deployed in any ofit’s clouds comefrom a single catalog.Which product or technology supports this requirement?


3. An intern inquires as to what factors should be considered when choosing one type of storage service class over another. What two criteria should be considered when creating storage service classes?


4. Which three infrastructure platform types canvRealize Automation deliver service across? (Choose three.)


5. A company is evaluating the deployment of a new private cloud and the manager has concerns about the department’s ability to effectively manage this new solution.Which statement represents a valid Management concern?


6. A manager is concerned that creating hundreds of identical virtual machines is needlessly taking up too much storage apace.WhichvRealize Automation feature will help avoid this issue?


7. A company has purchasedseveral ESXi hosts that contain multiple hard disks and SSD drives. Which technology will allow the company to combine the hard disks and SSD drives into a software-based high-performance storage pool?


8. As part of setting up a company’s disaster recovery plan a p0roject manager has identified the need to synchronize storage used by the virtual machines to a remote disaster recovery site. Which product or component can be used to perform this task?


9. A public cloud provider is looking for amethod of delivering services through a user interface that:
Is specific to the user who logs in
Delivers services that adhere to the specific service level Agreement of each customer
Whichcloud product would best enable the provider to meet these requirement?


10. A manager asks an administrator if it’s possible to know when infrastructure components in the cloud will run out of capacity. WhichvRealize Operations Super Metric badge would allow the manager to the remaining capacity and timeto exceed capacityfor these components?


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