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2V0-631 Online Test-VMware Certified Professional 6–Cloud Management and Automation Exam

We provide 10 questions for VMware 2V0-631 online test. Answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. An IaaS Administrator is explaining Endpoints to a colleague.How can the administrator explain why it is not needed to enter credentials every time vRealize Automation collects data from an Endpoint?


2. What is the most efficient way for an administrator to add multiple endpoints to vRealize Automation?


3. You are creating an endpoint for vCloud Air. You need to set up multiple vCloud Air organizations as separate endpoints. What condition must apply?


4. An administrator needs a single-tenant private cloud that can be connected to an existing on-site vRealize Automation infrastructure.Which vCloud Air offering should the administrator choose?


5. An organization is migrating to vRealize Automation from vCloud Automation Center. Which two steps are necessary to support this requirement? (Choose two.)


6. To improve provisioning time of Clone workflows, the configured per-agent limit has been increased. However, many of the workflows now fail.What action would resolve this?


7. Which three administrator roles can edit system-wide settings? (Choose three.)


8. An Administrator is configuring vCloud Connector’s (vCC) Content Sync. After configuring the vCC Server and vCC Node the vSphere folder is not syncing to the destination folder. What could be wrong?


9. After registering the vCloud Connector plug-in with vCenter Server, an administrator discovers that the private cloud does not appear in the plug-in interface. What step could be taken to resolve this issue?


10. The ability to perform a stretch deploy of a virtual machine contained in a vApp using the vSphere Client is unavailable. The administrator verifies that the environment is properly licensed and the target virtual machine is powered off. What should the administrator do to enable the stretch deploy option?


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