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1V0-604 VMware Certified Associate 6–Network Virtualization Fundamentals Exam

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1V0-604 exam has been retired on October 15, 2016. The replacement test is 1V0-642

Exam Code: 1V0-604

Exam Name: Network Virtualization Fundamentals Exam

Questions and Answers: 50 Q&As

Version: PDF

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Exam Number: 1V0-604
Duration: 75 Minutes
Associated Certification: VCA6-NV
Number of Questions: 50
Exam Product: VMware NSX 6
Passing Score: 300
Validated Against: VMware NSX 6
Exam Price: $120 USD
Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese
Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Non-Proctored

Exam Topics:

Section 1: Explain traditional Network Virtualization using vSphere

Objective 1.1: Identify and explain the concept of vSphere Standard and Distributed virtual switches
Objective 1.2: Describe and differentiate Physical and vSphere virtualized network architectures
Objective 1.3: Identify use cases where additional Network Virtualization is required

Section 2: Identify and explain the benefits of the VMware NSX Network Virtualization platform

Objective 2.1: Identify challenges with network services without a Network Virtualization platform Fabrics
Objective 2.2: Describe and differentiate physical and VMware NSX network architectures
Objective 2.3: Describe VMware NSX benefits
Objective 2.4: Describe how to integrate physical network workloads with VMware NSX
Objective 2.5: Explain the core VMware NSX components

Section 3: Explain the NSX architecture, deployment, services, and benefits

Objective 3.1: Describe and differentiate NSX components
Objective 3.2: Describe VXLAN benefits and functionality
Objective 3.3: Describe NSX network services
Objective 3.4: Describe advantages and functionality of the VMware NSX distributed firewall
Objective 3.5: Describe NSX Service Composer functionality
Objective 3.6: Identify and explain NSX automation and third-party integration
Objective 3.7: Configure Software-defined Storage


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