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1V0-621 VMware Certified Associate 6–Data Center Virtualization Exam

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Exam Code: 1V0-621

Exam Name: VMware Certified Associate 6–Data Center Virtualization Exam

Questions and Answers: 70 Q&As

Version: PDF

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Exam Number: 1V0-621
Duration: 75 Minutes
Associated Certification: VCA6-DCV
Number of Questions: 50
Exam Product: vSphere 6.x
Passing Score: 300
Exam Price: $120 USD
Exam Languages: English
Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Non-Proctored


Section 1: Explain Data Center Virtualization Concepts and Identify Typical Data Center Challenges

Objective 1.1: Identify and Explain the Concept of Data Center Virtualization
Objective 1.2: Identify Challenges that can be resolved with VMware vSphere with Operations Management

Section 2: Identify, Explain and Differentiate VMware vSphere Technologies

Objective 2.1: Describe how the components of VMware vSphere support Data Center Virtualization
Objective 2.2: Differentiate VMware vSphere Storage Technologies
Objective 2.3: Differentiate VMware vSphere Networking Technologies
Objective 2.4:Differentiate VMware vSphere Resource Management Technologies
Objective 2.5: Differentiate VMware vSphere Availability Technologies
Objective 2.6: Differentiate VMware Data Center Virtualization Products

Section 3: Perform Operational Tasks using the vSphere Web Client

Objective 3.1: Identify and Understand Virtual Infrastructure Object Status
Objective 3.2: Understand Hierarchy and Inventory Objects within the vSphere Web Client
Objective 3.3: Monitor Virtual Machine and ESXi Host Status
Objective 3.4: Perform Virtual Machine Operations

Section 4: Correlate VMware Virtualization Solutions with Common Data Center Business Challenges

Objective 4.1: Perform Virtual Machine Operations


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