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2V0-620 vSphere 6 Foundations Exam

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Product Description

Exam Code:2V0-620

Exam Name:vSphere 6 Foundations Beta

Questions and Answers:173 Q&As

Version: PDF

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Exam Number: 2V0-620
Duration: 90 minutes
Associated Certification: VCP6-DCV, VCP6-CMA, VCP6-DTM, VCP6-NV
Number of Questions: 65
Exam Product: vSphere
Version: 6
Passing Score: 300
Validated Against: vSphere 6
Exam Price: $120 USD
Exam Languages: English
Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Non-Proctored

Exam Topics:

Section 1: Install and configure vCenter Server and ESXI

Objective 1.1: Identify vSphere Architecture and Solutions for a given use case
Objective 1.2: Install and configure vCenter Server
Objective 1.3: Install and configure ESXi

Section 2: Configure vSphere Networking

Objective 2.1: Configure vSphere Standard Switches (vSS)
Objective 2.2: Configure vSphere Distributed Switches (vDS)
Objective 2.3: Configure vSS and vDS Features

Section 3: Configure vSphere Storage

Objective 3.1: Connect Shared Storage Devices to vSphere
Objective 3.2: Configure Software Defined Storage
Objective 3.3: Create and Configure VMFS and NFS Datastores

Section 4: Deploy and Administer Virtual Machines and vApps

Objective 4.1: Create and Deploy Virtual Machines
Objective 4.2: Create and Deploy vApps
Objective 4.3: Manage Virtual Machine Clones and Templates
Objective 4.4: Administer Virtual Machines and vApps

Section 5: Establish and Maintain Availability and Resource Management Features

Objective 5.1: Create and Configure VMware Clusters
Objective 5.2: Plan and Implement VMware Fault Tolerance
Objective 5.3: Create and Administer Resource Pools
Objective 5.4: Migrate Virtual Machines
Objective 5.5: Backup and Restore Virtual Machines
Objective 5.6: Update ESXi and Virtual Machines

Section 6: Perform Basic Troubleshooting

Objective 6.1: Perform Basic Troubleshooting of ESXi and vCenter Server
Objective 6.2: Perform Basic Troubleshooting of ESXi and vCenter Operations
Objective 6.3: Perform Basic Troubleshooting of Virtual Machine Operations
Objective 6.4: IIdentify and Troubleshoot Basic Misconfigurations

Section 7: Monitor a vSphere Implementation

Objective 7.1: Monitor ESXi, vCenter Server and Virtual Machines
Objective 7.2: Create and Administer vCenter Server Alarms
Objective 7.3: Install, Configure, and Manage vCenter Operations Manager


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